Portfolio matejhosek.cz | Photoreports | Mighty Sounds 2012

Mighty Sounds, Čápův Dvůr, Tábor,

Pátek: Sour Bitch, Bombs From Heaven, The Detectors, Poison Idea, Talco, The Adolescents, Biohazard, Prague Conspiracy, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, D.R.I,

Sobota: The Varukers, Staré Pušky, The Carburetors, Michael's Uncle, Inner Circle, Discharge, The Real McKenzies,

Neděle: FDK, Slobodná Európa, From Our Hands, Shogun Tokugawa, Set Your Goals, Pipes and Pints, Frank Turner, Gallows, Street Dogs